Charuta Kulkarni

Hi! I am Charuta,

A UX/Product designer passionate about building delightful user experiences by simplifying complex products.

Through 10+ years of multi-disciplinary design and 3+ years of product design experience, I have developed a strong foundation of design mindset and an eye for high-visual quality. My experience spans design strategy, UX research, UX/UI design, visual design language, cross-functional collaboration, and project management. 

San Francisco Bay Area

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What's D Move?

A social network for collaborative planning.
Role: Product Designer

Fundraiser Admin Portal

A social network for collaborative planning.
Role: Product Designer


A social network for collaborative planning.
Role: Product Designer


A one-stop platform to simplify real-estate development approval processes.
Role: UX Research / UI Design

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About Me

I am an impact-driven product designer who aspires to bring simplicity to complex products. I find a deep sense of meaning in connecting with users and helping improve productivity, accessibility, and connectivity for everyone.

Backed by years of experience in architectural design, I’m adept at tieing the big picture strategic decisions to the finest details. My background in designing spaces and communities helps me empathize with users.

I’ve been fortunate to have been mentored by senior design leaders in the industry. I’ve led design for enterprise (B2B) as well as consumer (B2C) products and am proficient in visual UI design, prototyping, UX design, and user-centered principle and methodologies.

Career Highlights

8+ years  |  Design & Project Management Experience
  • designing aesthetically pleasing and unique spaces,
  • design thinking and visual design,
  • empathizing with communities
  • creative problem solving,
  • managing project scope, schedule, and budgets.
3+ years | UX/UI Experience
  • designing digital products,
  • building unique experiences,
  • strategizing and creative solution finding,
  • cross-functional collaboration
6 domains | Multidisciplinary Background
  • UX/UI Design – Building products for users and businesses.
  • Architectural Design – Building residential product type.
  • Urban Design – Creating user-friendly and pleasing neighborhoods
  • Place-Making – Empathizing and creating human-centric design of urban areas.
  • Project Management – Getting projects delivered on time and under budget.
  • Sustainability – Creating spaces that benefit the environment.